The VO5 Hot Oil Secret: Treating Tresses

Hot OilBetween a bevy of benefits, ranging from megawatt shine and body-boosting capabilities to static and frizz control, it’s no surprise that hot oil treatments are a medicine cabinet must. A lesser known fact is that these bonuses are immensely amplified when practicing the VO5 Hot Oil Secret, a breakthrough trick that advocates one simple scheduling consideration, because timing is everything. When VO5 Hot Oil Therapy is used before shampooing, three hot oil treatment perks—taming tangles, restoring moisture balance and shine factor—showcase even bigger results than they would otherwise. Read on to learn more about the detailed advantages and how-to tips of the revolutionary regimen requisite.


1. DIY Detangling
Tangles are best tackled on ultra-moisturized strands, when hair is less prone to breakage. Applying a hot oil treatment pre-shampoo expedites and enhances this process by imparting crucial hydration and silkiness—two detangling defense tools whose knot-busting benefits are capable of lasting well beyond post-shower.


2. Pre-Wash Moisture
It’s the buildup of dirt and unwanted oils on our scalp that warrants a thorough shampoo job, but the cleansing process targets more than just the root(s) of the problem—meaning that in addition to eliminating the unnecessary oils, we lose some essential ones, too. Since it’s technically impossible to wash away exclusively the unwanted grime, the only way to maintain and strengthen healthy oil levels is by applying a vitamin-rich oil treatment pre-wash. The restorative therapy protects the hair shaft, creating a barricade between vulnerable strands and a shampoo’s abrasive cleansing agents. Your hair will also be thankful for the extra hydration—and they’ll show it through increased elasticity (i.e. lengthier locks)!


3. Hollywood Shine
In addition to catering to the subsurface hydration needs of your hair, the big-time moisture and restorative oils of a pre-shampoo hot oil treatment can make a powerful difference on the outside of strand creating immediately noticeable results. The five vitamins and protein-packed formula found in VO5 Hot Oil Therapy, in particular, together work to impart brilliant shine, softness and silkiness to tresses.


How To: Part hair into sections and use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles. Place a tube of VO5 Hot Oil Therapy in a cup of warm water to heat. Wet hair and work oil treatment through strands, roots to tips, and leave on your locks for one minute. Rinse hair and scalp thoroughly.


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