Ditch the Flat Iron

One of the most popular tools used in a woman’s daily hair routine is the flat iron. This tool is effective in taming even the most stubborn hair, creating silky and sleek hairdos in just minutes. But the reality is that the flat iron can be quite damaging to your lovely locks. The constant heat can cause your hair more stress, resulting in damage to the outer cuticle, dry ends and even hair loss. So you should ask yourself: is using a flat iron worth sacrificing my healthy hair?  If you answered “no” then read on.


The Damage

The reason flat irons work so well is because the heat from the iron’s sides temporarily reshapes the hydrogen bonds in your hair. These flat irons can reach temperatures of up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, an alarmingly high temperature for your hair. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, applying temperatures between 347 to 419 degrees Fahrenheit to your hair for as little as five minutes is enough to damage most hair. The potential for damage is increased even more when dealing with damp hair or hair that has been treated with color or permanents. The bottom line is that the flat iron can potentially wreak havoc on your beautiful hair, something you never want to happen.


The Alternative

So if you throw away your flat iron, what are you to do? As an alternative, we recommend using a conditioner to help strengthen and style your hair. The VO5 Salon Series™ Simply Stunning Leave-In Conditioner can be a valuable addition to your daily hair care regimen. Its ingredients include a five vitamin formula and 11 all-natural revitalizing oils that keep your hair healthy as well as manageable. In particular, marigold extracts are effective in soothing wild hair making it straight and sleek, while aloe vera keeps hair moisturized by assisting in the retention of water throughout the day. If salon-beautiful hair that is silky smooth and manageable is what you are looking for, this protective conditioner is your best option. Simply Stunning covers your hair with moisture and an enriching formula that both protects the hair and keeps it manageable, leaving your hair sexy and straight all day long. After you see the results, you won’t even miss your old flat iron!


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