Perfect the Look: Tousled Layers

Tousled LayersOpen any fashion magazine and you’ll see beautiful models with hair that is perfectly wavy and layered. The tousled look is so in right now, and for a good reason: it looks good on everyone. And the best part is you don’t have to go to an expensive salon to achieve this style. It’s totally doable in the comfort of your own bathroom. If you want that wind-blown, photo shoot-ready hair, follow the easy instructions ahead. Happy layering!


Cleanse the Hair

It should go without saying, but cleaning your hair is the best prep work for a new hairdo. Use a product that will help add moisture and minimize frizz. Anti-Frizz Conditioner plus Argan Oil should do the trick here. This will clean out any residue or product your hair is holding and will prepare it for styling. Make sure to towel-dry your hair afterwards.


Apply the Product

This is where the fun starts. It’s time to apply some product to your locks. If you have curly hair, use Salon Series Perfect Hold Hair Spray to help set in your natural waves. For those of you with straight hair, use a dollop of Salon Series Perfect Hold Styling Mousse throughout your hair. Make sure to spread the product evenly throughout your hair to really maximize that texturizing effect.


Blow Dry

Next, flip your hair forward and use your trusty blow-dryer to dry your hair. It doesn’t have to be completely dry, so just make sure to not go overboard, and stop when your hair is just a little bit damp. Make sure not to touch your hair while drying as it may create more frizz!


Section Off

After your hair has been dried, the real work begins. Section your hair into two-inch squares all over your head, and secure them with bobby pins. Don’t worry about precision here, as the different sections will create a gorgeously natural look. From there, apply a dollop of Salon Series Perfect Hold Styling Mousse to each section and wind it into a mini-bun. You are almost there!


Take your blow-dryer and dry each mini-bun section until the bobby pin feels warm. Give the pins about 20 minutes to cool off and remove them. Finally, take one last bit of Salon Series Perfect Hold Styling Mousse and tousle your hands through your hair as you apply it. Now take a look in the mirror and marvel at your gorgeous new style!


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